Aloy Ojilere, Prof. USF NNABUE, Ikenga K. E. Oraegbunam


Cyber scam is a white-collar crime committed by the use or manipulation of non-conventional tools such as phones, faxes, computers and other internet-enabled information technology devices within cyberspace. It thrives on the vulnerability of the victim and the witty deception of the cyber scammer. Cyber scam is unlike conventional crimes, and thrives on the violent and merciless disposition of the criminal which renders the victim helpless and in desperate fear for his life or safety of his family, as the case may be. This socio-legal and doctrinal research conceptualizes cyber scam within the broad family of cybercrimes. It explores certain forms of cyber scam as well as common modus operandi of cyber scammer in Nigeria. It also highlights some of the reasons why people indulge in cyber scam in Nigeria as well as core vulnerabilities of cyber scam victims. The research is primarily expository as it offers imperative elementary knowledge for safeguarding potential victims of cyber scam in Nigeria and beyond.

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