Mbalisi Chinedu


Ogbaru is located in Igboland southeast Nigeria, precisely, present Anambra State. Her
location within the riverine area confers on her a special privilege in human relations.
Situated near the River Niger, the area is largely endowed with natural resources from both
the River and rich soil that favours agricultural production. The availability of enormous
resources attracted people from far and near. In fact, colonial overlords where not excluded
from the scramble for the resources of the area. Their relations also stretched beyond the Igbo
interior to Western Igbo areas across the River Niger into present Delta State. The people had
had their relations with their neighbours until colonial interjections impacted on the contours
and dynamics of their relations. Nonetheless, the people continued with the political cum
economic relations with their neighbours. This study interrogates the nature of intercommunal
political relations of Atani people of Ogbaru, Igboland. It argues that the nature of
relations in the area despite interruptions and colonial incursions, the people still retain the
kinship and some indigenous aspects that characterised relations in most Igbo such as
pockets of internal migrations, shifts and political reorganisations. The study applies the
orthodox historical narrative and analytical method of writing. The qualitative research
methodology is used and the work is presented chronologically.

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