Fagbiye Doherty Kolawole, Ndubuwa Ohaeri Nnaemeka


The church, nowadays, is passing through an untold schism. There is no doubt that
proliferation of churches contributed to the unspeakable sectionalism and competition which
have brought about lack of common understanding among Christians let alone adherents of
other faith. The Lord Jesus Christ, towards the tail end of His ministry here on earth, made His
mind known to the world by the reason of His prayer for the church in John 17: 21-23. He
prayed that those who are members of the household should live together in harmony “That
they all may be one” This also will motivate the whole world to believe that He was sent by
God. However, this paper adopted a historical and phenomenological approach to explain
ecumenism from biblical perspective and its effects on evangelistic missionary outreach in
Nigeria. The paper discovered that ecumenism has made positive impacts various ways in
Nigeria such as creating atmosphere of understanding, soul winning, expansion of Christ
kingdom, societal development, peace and unity. The missionary outreach of ecumenism cuts
across political, economic, educational and religious sectors in constructive global
influences. This paper therefore recommends that ecumenism should be encouraged in
Nigeria not only for positive missionary outreach but for sake of unity, security, economic
development and political stability.

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