Anizoba Emmanuel C


Eddy Okeke a.k.a Eddy Nawgu has been an enigmatic figure in Nigeria. He has a healing
ministry located at his country home Nawgu, Dunukofia Local Government Area of Anambra
State. The ministry was structured in a way to accommodate all and sundry. For instance, it
has an element of African Traditional Religion, Islamic as well as Christianity. Being an
alleged prophet of God, he healed people, made many rich and performed other miracles in
his time. As a philanthropist, he helped many in cash and kind. It was discovered that he used
his wealth and spiritual position to influence socio-political appointments. One of the salient
discoveries was that items such as staff and scapular from the prophet boosted the recipients'
economic status. This paper however sets out to critically examine the implications of the
ministry to the lives of the people of Nawgu in Dunukofia Local Government Area of Anambra
State. Data for this work were collected from both primary and secondary sources. It adopts
phenomenological approach which brackets researcher's bias and allows data gathered to
speak for themselves in the course of analysis. The work reveals that despite his demise,
spiritual activities, healing and deliverance are skeletally going on in the ministry for those
who held the ministry in high esteem.

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