Ferdinand Nwaigbo


The focus of the article is on the prophetic mission of the church in Nigerian politics today. The problems involved in Nigerian politics are extensive. They include corruption, injustice, violence and abuse of political rights and choice of the electorate. The subject matter of the discussion is broad. It speaks of the nature of the mission of the church as derived from Missio Dei in accord with Divine plan of salvation of humanity. The mission is for everyone: the clergy, religious and laity. Central to the discussion is the four methods through which church exercises the prophetic mission: addressing the issues of human rights, educating the people in politics, conscientizing people on the signs of the times, bringing the gospel to bear on the political issues of election and forming the opinion of the electorate. The prophetic mission of the church calls for active participation in the forthcoming election, especially among the youths; empowering them with education and healing those who have been ravished by corrupt political powers. The Nigerian political context led the discussion to contrast the politics of the present authority with the more profound leadership of other countries of the world. The recommendation urges Nigerians to reverse the shackles of any political leadership that is not based on the common good and develop a radical thrust on change and concludes with a healing accomplished through the Divine power of the spiritual prayer.

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