Victor Ifeanyi


Among the phenomena observable in the world of today is that known as globalization. The
impact of this phenomenon on the entire human society has been very strong, showing both positive
and negative effects. This article is aimed at finding out whether the Catholic Church of today, in
accordance with the urging of the Vatican Council II that She should always read the signs of the times
(cf. GS, 4) in order to know how to minister more fruitfully to the people of different times, is aware of
this phenomenon. Examination of some recent Church documents shows that the Church is really aware
of the phenomenon and of the fact that it has both positive and negative factors. Among its positive
factors are the promotion of unity among different nations and increased economic efficiency. And
among its negative factors are excessive attention to economic issues and discrimination against the
poor nations especially in economic affairs. The next section of the article considers the
recommendations made by the Church to make the phenomenon more fruitful. Among other things, She
calls on the rich nations to have a special consideration for the poor nations in their dealings and for
adoption of solidarity of action of the rich and the poor in the issue. She also recommends creation of
international monitoring agencies in the affair. The article concludes by extolling the recommendations
of the Church and seeing in them the way globalization could be made more fruitful to the people of all

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