Point-of-View In Meja Mwangi's Novels

Anthonia Ezeugo


This essay is poised to examine Mwangi’s manipulation of one of the salient fictional techniques which is sometimes neglected. Point-of-view is perhaps one of the vital methods of achieving aesthetic vision. This practical technique in fiction is surveyed to prove its relationship in revealing intentional meaning. By uncovering the differences in the study of African novels, this discourse chooses to toe the steps of formalism as the best approach to the study of African novels especially Mwangi’s novels. Readers have only one open door to the novelistic modus operandi, and that is the narrator’s voice, which holds the key to the reader’s comprehension and digestion of the work. Mwangi offers this comprehension by the use of both participant and non-participant narrators to suit each circumstance he desires to explore. This fictional method has been demonstrated to have brought together his themes and made his works meaningful to the reader.


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