Political Corruption and Disillusionment as Motifs in Maik Nwosu’s Alpha Song and Invisible Chapters

Cornel Onyemauche Ujowundu, Sylvanus S.C Onyeachulam, Amaka Mariagorathy Uhunmwunwa


Our contemporary society is still grappling with endemic problems that seem to overwhelm efforts geared towards transformation and ushering in egalitarianism. The society is still confronted with teething problems of the government, and political leaders striving to build new structures that will enhance the wellbeing of the citizenry. But unfortunately, intrigues, class consciousness, hypocrisy, corruption and leadership-induced poverty and suffering, engendered an unstable political system and restiveness among the people. This paper, therefore, explores the writer’s advocacy for the welfare of the citizenry, good leadership, integrity, good governance, democracy, quest for honesty in handling government projects and call for elimination of tribalism, military dictatorship, insecurity, in Alpha Song and Invisible Chapters. The novels are compendiums of an individual’s efforts aimed at evaluating his society and the reactionary forces that undermine society’s progress towards even development at both material and human levels.

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