100 Years Of South African Art: From Pierneef To Gugulective.

Okechukwu Nwafor


Friday  and  Saturday  the  1   and  2    October,  2010  respectively,  were  very

st                  nd

important days in  South Africa. The reason  being that the   Iziko South African

gallery in Cape Town organized  an artists’ panel discussion to mark  the grand

finale of  “1910-2010: From Pierneef  to Gugulective,”   an exhibition  hung on

April 15, 2010 to mark 100 years of South African Art. This essay examines this

epochal  exhibition  (which  I attended  in  Cape  Town)  and  its  accompanying

artists’ panel, underscoring their  significance in the defeat of colonial  legacies

and the transformative process that witnessed resistance art in South Africa.

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