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Premier Bar Journal

The Premier Bar Journal (PBJ) has the objective of publishing peer reviewed papers dealing on variegated areas of the law especially themed touching on legal practice. The journal appears once a year. It is published online and in print. The journal is abstracted and indexed with Google scholar and other major indexing outfits. It provides a forum for legal scholars and jurists to report research findings.

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PREORC Journal of Arts and Humanities

PREORC Journal of Arts and Humanities is a scholarly international journal published twice a year(May & October). It is an open-access, Peer reviewed, abstracted and indexed journal which covers all areas of Arts and Humanities and other related discipline. The journal is powered by experienced and versatile editorial board. It accepts and publishes only original well structured and current research works that are theoretically and practically based.

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Preorc Journal Of Gender And Sexuality Studies

PREORCGESS is a specialist Journal that privileges research and knowledge production in the area of gender and sexuality studies. We collect articles all year round but articles to be published in the default year must reach the editor on or before 30th of April. We publish and go online in June. The articles are subjected to peer-reviews and editing before they are finally accepted for publication. In the choice of articles for publication, consideration is given to quality, originality, proper organization and presentation of facts as well as to the clarity and accuracy. The Editorial Board also places great premium on the authors' critical and constructive views on issues under discussion. However, opinions expressed in the articles are entirely those of the authors. Book reviews are also welcome.

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